The olive harvest in many areas is concentrated in a few days. For this reason, for years now, manual harvesting has given way to mechanized harvesting.

In our compressed air equipment department you will find the section dedicated to the olive harvest where you can choose the compressor that best suits your needs and equip it with the fastest pneumatic harvester or whipper on the market, take the fixed rod or telescopic rod that best suits to the conformation of your plants.
Once the harvest is over, you can complete the job with the pneumatic pruner of your choice. Whether this is a pneumatic shear or a chainsaw, which you can use by holding it directly or by mounting it on the same rod you used for harvesting.

Our choice has always focused on the quality of the material and the service offered. Therefore, just as you have easily found the equipment you were looking for, it will be just as easy to find spare parts and accessories for this equipment and quickly receive them directly at home with express shipping.